Accountants unite on issue of climate change

By Anne Adrain

Today, accountants from across the globe spoke with a united voice by issuing a call to action to the profession to tackle the issue of climate change as a matter of urgency.

Issued under the banner of the Accounting Bodies Network (ABN) of the Prince of Wales’s Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S), and representing 2.5 million accountants worldwide, this powerful statement is intended to galvanise greater activity and action across the accountancy and business sectors as part of our transition towards a more sustainable economy.

Read the full call to action supported by ICAS and another 13 global accounting bodies at:

ICAS Chief Executive Bruce Cartwright CA has recorded a message for ICAS members to highlight the need for the accounting profession to play a part in tackling the issue of climate change. He highlights how our specific skills in data collection and analysis, reporting and assurance can be used to bring about positive change.

Support from ICAS

The ICAS Sustainability Panel has a suite of resources, and guidance, to which you can refer if you would like to find out more about climate change and sustainability and its relevance to the accountancy profession.

These range from Sustainable Accounting Tips to examples of Sustainability Reports and Reporting on Climate Change.

You can find more resources, as well as information about the ICAS Sustainability Panel, at

You can get involved in the discussions by using the hashtag #ourclimatecounts.

This article was first published by ICAS. You can visit the original page here.