January 4, 2022

Ask ICAS – a year of expertise on-demand

Throughout 2021, the Ask ICAS webinar series delivered the briefings to keep your technical expertise where it needs to be. Review the highlights of the year and catch up on any episodes you missed.
January 4, 2022

How can technology affect your mental health?

Bupa explain some of the ways that too much technology could affect your mental health and share their top tips to help you get the balance just right. Whether you’re using the latest accounting software or ordering a last-minute birthday gift, it’s hard to remember a time when technology didn’t make everyday life that little bit easier. This has been particularly true over the last 18 months. During the pandemic, technology helped us to stay connected with loved ones, continue working remotely and discover the best recipe for lockdown banana bread.
December 17, 2021

Tackling Blue Monday

As we approach Blue Monday, we are conscious of those in our profession who may be struggling with their mental health. Here, Chartered Accountants Ireland’s wellbeing hub, Thrive, has compiled a list of tips to help you tackle those January blues.
December 16, 2021

Common errors in the auditor’s report

The auditor’s report is the auditor’s main communication tool with the relevant stakeholders, and therefore it is important that the above deficiencies be resolved in order to enhance audit quality. The considerations included in this article can be used by audit engagement teams when assessing whether the auditor’s report is consistent with the applicable requirements such as SAAPS 3
December 16, 2021

A global minimum tax

A new global minimum tax is welcomed in Africa, but curbing illicit flows and broadening the tax base would be much more important. Africa will likely benefit from the OECD-driven new global tax agreement signed in October by nearly all of the world’s countries, which would set a minimum corporate tax rate of 15% across the board on global profits.
December 16, 2021

What it takes to rebuild trust at work

Many, if not most of us, have reported feelings of burnout, exhaustion, extreme stress, and even fatigue. To some extent, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought this on with the multitude of disruptions it has thrust on us at work and at home. And when you find yourself in an unsupportive work environment, this stress is exacerbated to a disproportionate level.
December 16, 2021

What will it take to get the SME sector back on its feet?

SME development has been on the agenda since the days of the Mandela presidency – and yet, South Africa’s small businesses continue to founder. Their precarious state has been placed under even more pressure by unforeseen events such as the pandemic lockdowns and July riots, and, with our unemployment rate now standing at more than 30%, it is more important than ever to take action. Will it ever come right?
December 15, 2021
Intergenerational Event

Key insights from the ‘Making COP26 Count’ global debate

December 15, 2021
Climate Change

Climate change after COP26: Exclusive Chartered Accountants Worldwide survey results

More than nine out of ten Chartered Accountants and finance professionals believe accountants have an important role to play in climate change, and there is broad optimism within the profession about the measures agreed during the recent COP26 summit.
December 10, 2021
Mental wellness - counting on u

Counting on U

CA ANZ have partnered with Deakin Business School to offer a unique program – Counting on U. This will support eligible members to confidently identify and support the mental health outcomes of small to medium enterprise (SME) clients as well as colleagues or customers.