My Chartered Accountancy Journey: The Story So Far…

In “My Chartered Accountancy Journey” Felix Mwansa shares with you his Chartered Accountant Zambia story to date. The author gives an account of how his Chartered Accountancy Journey began, the principles applied, the giants encountered along the way, how he triumphed over the giants, awards and achievements. The author also shares the opportunities the Accountancy profession has offered and his 2019 One Young World Summit experience. Stories and messages from Chartered Accountants Worldwide are also shared.

Furthermore, the author’s current role and ultimate advice to all current and aspiring Chartered Accountancy students and members is also highlighted in this book. The story contained in this book will inspire, motivate and challenge you to continue on the same path, your Chartered Accountancy journey which you embarked on, while putting right any preconceptions you might have about Chartered Accountancy. This book is an honest account of the author’s real-life story – My Chartered Accountant Zambia journey.  While it may be tailored to Chartered Accountancy, the  principles presented in this book apply to all career  streams. These principles work for everyone, everywhere  and anytime. Explore them!

Foreword by Bonna Kashinga, ZiCA Secretary and Chief Executive:

If you are reading this book, it is likely that you are passionate about the Accountancy Profession. This book is a story of an exceptionally talented individual, whose outstanding achievements attained on his journey as a Chartered Accountancy Zambia student has inspired many people. Felix offers a concise yet comprehensive guide for both existing and aspiring students wishing to attain remarkable achievements on their Accountancy journey. He challenges the slogan ZiCA ‘temunobe’.

In this book, Felix begins by highlighting how and where his Chartered Accountancy Journey began, including his past career dilemmas. Born in a middle-class family, Felix’s story serves as evidence that one’s background is key in shaping their future. Felix also shares all the secrets and precepts that he believes contributed to his success as a student. In addition, he shares the giants or obstacles encountered in his career path and how he overcame them. In addition, the remarkable achievements obtained and the opportunities the accountancy profession offered him have been outlined.

As part of promoting the education and training of young leaders, the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZiCA), sent Felix, the Top CA Zambia student to the One Young World 2019 summit, which was held in London from Tuesday, 22nd to 25th October, 2019, to represent Zambia. Felix shares his experience about the ‘One Young World Summit’ in this book.

Furthermore, Felix collaborated with Young Chartered Accountants he met at the One Young World Summit, in the United Kingdom (UK), from countries such as; UK, Pakistan, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Botswana, Sri Lanka, among others. These young Chartered Accountants shared their Chartered Accountancy stories to date, achievements, how Chartered Accountancy has changed their lives and ultimate messages, including what one must do to achieve great results in life, stories, which have been added in this book including those of a few ZiCA members, and top graduates that have excelled in their Accountancy careers locally.

The Institute is very proud to be associated with Felix Mwansa’s success story and will continue to promote the education and training of accountants to effectively contribute to economic development. The Institute wishes to commend Felix for coming up with this book which will play an important role in helping prospective students to enroll on the CA Zambia programme and learn that with focus and determination, nothing can stand in the path to success.

Bonna Kashinga,
Secretary and Chief Executive, Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZiCA)