Highlights: LOVE = Accounting and Blockchain for GOOD


On February 10th, professionals from The Accounting Blockchain Coalition joined CAW Network USA to put forth a captivating and LOVE-filled event, in honor of Valentine’s Day. Gabriella Kusz of IFAC, Monica Singer of ConsenSys, and David Deputy of Vertex shared their advice and expertise with the audience in ‘LOVE= Accounting and Blockchain for GOOD.’

The event helped build awareness of all things blockchain in the accounting industry. The audience was enlightened about potential opportunities for blockchain use and growth, as well as the threats it presents as its use gets more pervasive. Through their time in this webinar, Gabriella, Monica, and David share exactly what accounting professionals need to know to stay relevant during the current industry shift as blockchain is embraced at the corporate level.

Gabriella welcomes the audience to the webinar. She gives a short overview of what this webinar entails and what the listeners can expect to get out of the presentators talks.

Monica speaks about the evolution of the web. As we enter Web 3.0, Monica explains how this transition will change the current economy and who stands to benefit.

David dives into where accounting and blockchain sit and intersect today. He addresses the key issues for adopting standards for digital asset accounting.

Gabriella gives a real-life example of how companies can benefit when transitioning from the traditional supply chain integrity to one that optimizes blockchain for the benefit of the company itself and for its customers.

In the Q&A portion of the program, David explains how long he anticipates it will take for audit firms to audit various digital tokens.