Claire Bruten Paul on Beyond Accounting Difference Makers Highlights


In this segment of Beyond Accounting Difference Makers, Breiffni talks to Claire Bruten Paul, Interim Director of Finance for the highly acclaimed non-profit, Doctors Without Borders. Breiffni leads a conversation revolving around the day to day life of a finance professional working with a non-profit. Claire shares tips and tricks for those looking to take a similar path in their career. Tune in below for some highlights from their talk.

Claire introduces herself with some of her backstory in transitioning to work in New York. She also introduces her time with Doctors Without Borders.

In this segment, Claire dives deeper into what her role in a non-profit looks like on a daily basis. She gives an overview of the work that finance professionals have on their plate in her field.

Though networking is important when entering any industry, here Claire breaks down how critical it is when entering work for non-profits. She shares advice as well as her first hand experiences.

Many accountants are now looking to use their careers to make a difference. Breiffni and Claire discuss the opportunities currently available for accountants to do just that in both the profit and non-profit sectors.