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The UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) is the most significant climate event since the 2015 Paris Agreement.

In this section Chartered Accountants Worldwide and our Member Institutes share our insights about why accountants are instrumental in bringing about a greener future.

Chartered Accountants and Climate Change

Globally, over 100 countries have committed to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 including the European Union, Canada, United States and United Kingdom.

This will require a significant re-organisation of global priorities. The UN estimates that the economic and societal shifts caused by climate change could result in 69 trillion dollars in global financial losses this century, if the risks are not properly managed.

Chartered Accountants globally will play an integral role in whether governments and businesses have what is required to meet their commitments and tackle climate change at scale. Paul Polman, acclaimed businessman and campaigner, captured the significance of our role in the fight against climate change saying “you cannot treasure what you cannot measure”.

Chartered Accountants Worldwide and our Member Institutes believe that Chartered Accountants have all the skills to support climate action within the companies in which they operate, by doing what they do best. The profession needs to recognise and embrace the opportunities we face to make a positive difference.

This hub is a global resource to learn more and inspire you to take action.


Making COP26 Count

An Intergenerational discussion on how to make a just transition. CAW are partnering with ICAS to bring you a lively event to discuss the outcomes of COP26 and the findings of our global climate research amongst young leaders.

Insights on Climate Change

Insights on Climate Change


Starting a sustainability reporting revolution

Investors are demanding better reporting on ESG issues and a new sustainability standard setter may deliver what’s required.


Getting ESG and CEO incentives right

As firms rush to implement climate change and ESG principles, questions on pay and incentive arise. Recent research advises caution and offers guidance.


Another step towards more accurate sustainability reporting

Researchers have come up with a new model to estimate carbon capture by trees enabling more accurate sustainability reporting.

what to expect from 2022

What to expect from 2022 – Part 2

In Part 2, ICAEW Chief Executive and Chair of Chartered Accountants Worldwide, Michael Izza, discusses non-financial reporting, public sector finances, and the big tech trends of 2022.

what to expect from 2022

What to expect from 2022 – Part 1

In the first of a two part series, ICAEW Chief Executive and Chair of Chartered Accountants Worldwide, Michael Izza, looks at the biggest issues facing business and the wider economy, with help from experts from around the Institute.

Intergenerational Event

Key insights from the ‘Making COP26 Count’ global debate

Over 1,300 people from 68 countries joined our final FinBiz2030 event of the year: Making Cop26 Count hosted in partnership with the Institute of Chartered Accountants Scotland, reflecting on the outcomes of COP26. A diverse panel of speakers came together to share how they are taking action to mitigate the […]

Webinars on Climate Change

Recorded Webinars on Climate Change

Recover Refocus Rebuild

Building Resilience – Recover Refocus Rebuild

It is critical for nations to invest in innovation and to design sustainable ecosystems for everyone to succeed in. This generation of young leaders must be part of the change. Join as we hear from leaders who will provide a local and global perspective on the shared challenges facing us all.

Beyond Accounting – The Sustainable Accountant

Beyond Accounting – The Sustainable Accountant

‘Beyond Accounting – The Sustainable Accountant’ aims to inform Finance professionals about Environment, Social and Governance – challenges and opportunities for Accountants.

Building Resilience: Climate Change: Global leadership, local action

Building Resilience: Climate Change: Global leadership, local action

The challenges presented by the climate crisis are often acutely local in focus, but the leadership required to tackle them is global. How can young leaders in business and finance help connect the two?

Building Resilience: A #FinBiz2030 Podcast

Building Resilience: A FinBiz2030 Podcast

Thousands of people from over one hundred countries have attended in the Building Resilience Webinars. Hear some of the inspiring stories told by young leaders from around the world in the Building Resilience Podcast.

Each short episode, contains a single story from one of the webinar contributors. Join us to learn about how they are providing global leadership through taking local action. And find out how you can help create a sustainable future and meet the greatest challenges of the 21st Century.

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A new #sustainability report from ICAS has found the current system is not serving the public interest and change is needed.

Read this overview which sets out the necessary conditions for the reporting of high-quality sustainability information:

COVID-19 changed the shape of business in Australia in many ways, but are regulations keeping up? @AcuityMag asks CA ANZ policy leaders what areas they think need urgent attention.

CA ANZ wants business regulations reformed to promote growth in the 2022 Australian federal budget. Review is long overdue. #Auspol #Budget2022 #CAANZ #DifferenceMakers


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CA ANZ wants business regulations reformed to promote growth in the 2022 Australian federal budget. Review is long overdue. #Auspol #Budget2022 #CAANZ #DifferenceMakers


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